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This is one of our favorite dive destinations. Farnsworth Bank lies off of the “Wild Side” of Catalina Island. The bank rises from deep surrounding waters to within 60’ of the surface. Farnsworth Bank is in a Marine Protected area and is the home to an abundance of marine life, including Purple Hydrocoral.


This trip is best suited for Advanced divers and above that have experience in cold water conditions including; current, swell, possible limited visibility and deep water. Most importantly, good buoyancy control is needed and surface signal tubes are always recommended.


Boarding: We will board the night before the trip between 8PM-11PM and depart at 3AM. Check-in with divemaster (host), show certification card w/log book and come fully prepared with all equipment. Please keep your dive station neat and tidy on the boat. Make sure you have all of your gear assembled and functioning properly before departure.  
Dive Sites: Sites are to be determined by "BEST CONDITIONS". Water visibility, tides, current, surge, swell and wind control site location.   
Gratuity Rule: If you like'd the service you received and enjoyed the food,... TIP THEM! Universal, global, traditional gratuity rate is $5.00 each dive per person. Example: 4 dive day= $20 in the tip jar  
Equipment: You are responsible for all your own equipment, personal items (be neat & tidy), and equipment operating properly. Rental gear is not available on-board.  
DAN Protection: Supplemental dive accident coverage is always recommended. DAN Diver Protection   

Cee Ray to Farnsworth Bank September 15, 3:00AM Departure

    • Cancelation Policy 


      • Weekend single day dive trip – 14 days notice.
      • Weekday single day dive trip – 7 days notice.
      • Multi-day trip – 4 weeks notice.
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